July 12, 2012


Tonight, I am going on an early birthday date with my hunny!  I'm beyond ready since we've both been so busy this week and have barely seen each other.  I'm also excited to open my birthday presents cause he's been trying to give them to me for months now. He's a wonderful gift giver.  For my birthday last year, he bought me my own star.  That may sound cheesy to some people, but it was so perfect.  He's just so cute, and I won't let him ruin the surprise!

We're going to my favorite Thai restaurant, Jutama's, which Nick has never been to.  They have the best tofu pad thai.  I'm way too excited about it!

Happy early birthday to meeee!  I'll post pics later or tomorrow!

Oh! and here's a little reminder I found for y'all!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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