November 4, 2015

what I would tell my 18 year old self

Dear 18 year old me,

First and foremost, learn to love yourself. You are beautiful inside and out. Just stop worrying so much about your weight and be healthy. STOP throwing up everything you consider "bad" after you eat it. You have one body to live in. Cherish it. Appreciate it for all of the things it does for you every day. Stop wishing you were smaller. Stop thinking guys will like you more if you're skinny. It's not true.

Don't bother trying to transfer schools. You love Southern Miss and will make the best friends you could ever imagine. Don't study abroad in Jamaica, though. Go to London or France instead.

Don't rekindle that friendship. She doesn't stick around very long this time anyway, and it only hurts you again in the end.

You are so much better than that awful, abusive relationship with you-know-who, but you will learn so much from your year long struggle. You will learn how to respect yourself, how to stand up for yourself, and what you're worth. You learn that romantic relationships will not bring you validation and that your voice deserves to be heard. I'd say don't even date him, but you need to learn these lessons. You will appreciate your amazing husband so much more after you learn them.

Continue to love every minute of life. It becomes so much more than you ever dreamed it would be. It's not always easy. You're going to go through rough times, but keep Christ first in your life. He will always see you through with the utmost grace.

Keep your free spirit, positive attitude, and drive to succeed. Be proud of who you are and the things you stand for. Always help those in need. Be the first to smile when you pass a stranger, and love with reckless abandon.

With so much love,


| Images by: Judy Kellar of Killer Shots Photography |


  1. You always make me so proud to be Chelsea's mom! It is the most important and rewarding job I'll ever have!


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