February 9, 2015

one for the books

What a beautiful weekend of Spring-like weather and quality time with Nick and my parents. Words just can't even explain how much I love those people. They are my rocks.  They keep me grounded. God knows I can go spiraling into my craziness--which happens more than I care to admit.They always bring me back down to Earth.

Sometimes when I'm blogging, I wish I had cute and squishy babies to post about. All of my favorite blogs have cuddly little babies on them all the time. So not ready for that though...Can I borrow a baby just to blog about?  That's creepy. Nevermind.

Anyway, our Saturday went something like this:
I've been sick for a week, so I woke up around 7 ready to go after falling into a cough syrup coma around 7:45 pm the night before. It was a GORGEOUS day. One for the books, really.  I wait patiently until 9:00 am to obnoxiously jump on the bed to wake up the husband. He promptly rolled over in protest. Like a good little housewife, I made Nick some coffee, and he finally stumbled into the kitchen to greet the day.

After much debate on where to spend the day (cause it just could not possibly be spent indoors), we decided to head to the Fondren area in downtown Jackson. We had a yummy lunch at Brent's Drugs (the soda shop in the movie, The Help), and we wondered around town. We got some coffee and stumbled upon this cool new place called Hops and Havannas. Nick is a cigar lover, so we stopped in. Every kind of beer and cigar you could possibly dream of. Nick found his favorite cigar and we sat outside and talked while he enjoyed his cancer stick. ;)

We decided to drive around and look at houses. We've been toying with the idea of buying soon, but we got distracted on the way. You see, the Mississippi Agriculture Museum was right there. If you know my husband at all--you know he's a sucker for a museum. Who was I to deny him the outdoor museum when it was so beautiful out? So we went, and we had THE BEST TIME EVER. I've been to this museum about a thousand times. It was THE hottest field trip location when I was a youngin'. However, Nick had never been. We wondered around the exhibits, drank sodas out of glass bottles from a General Store, played bottle cap checkers, and frolicked in some cotton bales.

Hat: Free People // Jacket: Mossimo (old)  // Shirt: Merona Men's (old) // Shirt: Chaser (old) // Leggins: Lululemon // Shoes: Converse // Sunnies:  RayBan

What a truly great day with my love. It's a joy to be his wife. I swear I tried to take more pictures of him, but he's just not a fan of a camera in his face. Bummer.



  1. Gorgeous! You make me really long for Mississippi! Sometimes, I miss it so much!

    1. I'm sure that Mississippi misses you! It is a beautiful place. :)


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