February 5, 2013

My Favorite Family Heirlooms

Nothing says southern belle like a jewelry box full of family heirlooms, and this girl is no exception.  I want to share with y'all a little about some of my favorites.  Now don't get me wrong, I love new jewelry as much as the next stylish chick, but there's something about wearing one of these pieces that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  It's like a tiny connection to those who wore it before me.

This beautiful cameo set was given to me by my precious Mamaw a few years ago.  The middle of five sisters raised by a single father, she was very poor.  This was the nicest piece of jewelry she owned for a very long time.  I found it one day while visiting her house, and I instantly fell in love.  A few months later, my wonderful, selfless Mamaw gave the set to me for my birthday.  It is an original, ivory cameo. You can tell by look at the nose of the silhouette in the light from behind.  Sadly, I don't wear the earrings because I'm terrified of them falling off.  I'm known for losing earrings.

The ring on the left was given to me by my father for my fifteenth birthday.  To be honest, it is the most precious thing that I own and my favorite gift to ever receive.  It once belonged to my grandmother, his mother, who I never had the privilege of meeting.  When my father was 19, she lost her battle with breast cancer.  My father and grandfather saved their money for a very long time to buy something nice for my precious, fighting grandmother because she deserved it.  Unfortunately, she didn't get to wear the ring for very long.  This ring is symbol of strength and love.  I wear it everyday, and it makes me feel so close to an incredible woman that I never got to know.

The ring on the right belonged to my great aunt Frances.  It is her high school class ring.  She was one of the first in her family to graduate from high school, and growing up during the depression and WWII, being able to have a class ring was an extreme honor and privilege.  My aunt Frances, who is in her 80s and just won her battle with cancer, gave this ring to me when I was in the sixth grade.  I will forever cherish it.  The "I" in the center stands for Isola Consolidated High School deep in the delta of Mississippi, and the 52 is her graduating year.

This beautiful, jade pendent was given to my mother by my great uncle Al when she was just a little girl.  He had gotten it for her while he was stationed in Thailand while in the United States Air Force.  One day in middle school, I was snooping around my mother's jewelry box like all little girls do, and I found the pendent.  I found a chain to put it on and have loved it ever since.  I just wish I knew what the symbol stood for.

This copper, cuff bracelet was also given to me by my father.  On his side of the family, I am part Choctaw indian.  This was passed down somewhere down the line.  Unfortunately, I do not remember the story behind it, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

I got much more emotional writing this post than I expected.  It came from the heart.  I really hope y'all enjoyed this little glimpse into my life and some things that mean something to me. 

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


  1. These truly are beautiful pieces! I love the rings!

  2. Thank you so much! They are truly special to me.

    xoxo-Chelsea Eli


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