January 15, 2013

Rising Star: Caggie Dunlop

If you haven't heard of British star Caggie Dunlop, you will.  Caggie is a singer and actress most famous for her role in the reality show Made In Chelsea, and she's .  The show was based on young, rich, and hot socialites living in Chelsea, London.  The show has recently started airing on the Style network.

Caggie attended The Harrodian school, where Robert Pattinson was her paperboy (hello perfect life!), before going to Wellington and then spending a year at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in NY.  Her family home is in the Isle of Wight but she spends most of her time with best friend Millie Mackintosh in London. 

Millie Mackintosh and Caggie Dunlop

Caggie has an incredible voice sings and a rocking sense of style.  Recently she started a fashion brand called ISWAI, which stands for "it starts with an idea."  Caggie says,  "ISWAI will become a place for young designers/artists to share and develop their talent.  the concept behind ISWAI is a limitless one, which will continue to grow as new people continue to get involved."

I'm slightly obsessed with Caggie's lines, and I have a feeling you will be too.  Some pieces are featured in the image at the top of this post.  I'm also kind of obsessed with Caggie herself, and it's not just the accent.  She seems like someone who is really down to earth and fun to hang out with, and who doesn't like someone like that?  I urge you to check out Made in Chelsea and see what the fuss is about!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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