January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Faves and Flops 2013

Since I prefer to have my bad news before my good, lets start with the flops of the night.

Y'all had to have known I was going to start with her!  What in the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS was she thinking? She looks like curtains.  This is not grandma-chic, this is U-G-L-Y.  She was trending on Twitter last night.  That's how bad this thing was.

I'm usually a big fan of nude, but this is nude gone wrong.  She looks naked/bridemaid-ish, and I'm not even going to mention her hair.  Amy, you can do better.

Katherine, the world wanted to see THE Golden Globes, not YOUR golden globes.  Chill out!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one beautiful and hilarious woman, but this dress makes her look about 40 pounds heavier than she is.

Her speech may have been inspiring (and confusing. Am I right?), but her dress looked like shiny duct tape.  Sorry, I'm not sorry, Jodie.

Ok, so maybe T. Swift's dress wasn't a flop, but it was extremely boring compared to last week's People's Choice Awards dress.  The color is beautiful, but the everything else about this dress screams bridesmaid to me.  What's the deal?  Oh!, and did anyone else catcher her sour puss face when Adele won?  It continued through the cracks made at her by Tina and Amy.  I found them quite hilarious...

Now for my faves!  I'm not going to commentate on these dresses because theres quite a lot of them, and frankly, the dresses speak for themselves!

Y'all! Claire Danes had a baby 3 weeks ago!  NOT FAIR!

Ok, so Heidi wouldn't naturally have made my faves list, but I just wanted to point out that she totally redeemed herself from last week in my book.

There ya have it, folks, my faves and flops of the 2013 Golden Globes!  I just love awards season, don't you?

Happy Monday!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


  1. Wow, love every single of them!


    1. Me too! If only I had a red carpet to walk somewhere! Haha!

  2. Kate redeemed! And I also loved Julianne Moore's gown! (Smiling) Her choice didn't do it for you?

    1. It was beautiful, but not one of my tops! Overall, everyone looked gorgeous!

  3. Great post! CHeck out my faves and not so faves....

    Please check out my blog, I would love to hear what you think of my latest post!

    P.S. I am your newest follower!



  4. Love your blog! I'll be following for sure!


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