December 4, 2012

Leggings as Pants

Everyday on a college campus, you see it.  Leggings as pants.  If you didn't know, it's a very controversial topic.  There's even a website against it with a free downloadable press kit.  Every sorority girl has fallen victim to it.  I'm rocking them right now; I won't lie to you.  I do feel, however, that there are some strict, non negotiable rules for wearing leggings as a viable form of pants.

1.  Leggings are appropriate as pants if you are in a fitness situation.

2.  Leggings are appropriate if the shirt you are wearing is oversized and covers your buttocks.  We all know that leggings leave little to the imagination when it comes to every little bump and bulge in a woman larger than a size 0's bum.  Lets save EVERYONE the embarrassment and keep that tooshie covered!



3.  Leggings are not appropriate as pants if you can see through them.  I can't tell you how many times I've been able to see what type of underwear a young lady is wearing because her leggings were not opaque.  Ain't nobody wanna see that!



4.  Leggings as pants is only permissible if the leggings in question are either black, navy, brown, or dark gray.  No exceptions.  Colored leggings are for children (leggings, not tights), and I just really don't like metallic leggings.


Last, but DEFINITELY not least:

5.  Look in the mirror before you leave your house, or ask an honest friend or roommate how you look. Open your eyes and use good judgement.  If you have an inkling of doubt in your mind that you could be breaking any of these rules, just steer clear.  Yes they're comfy and can be cute when worn with a long, oversized sweater, but it isn't worth your dignity, ladies.


**Disclaimer:  These rules do not apply to legging style jeans.

Where do you stand on the leggings as pants debate?

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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