September 28, 2012


"You're afraid that there's nothing cool inside you, nothing unique about you that anyone would want, or like, or treasure; and there is.  The truth is:  you have stuff inside you hand-tailored by God for you to bring to the table that no one else brings.  You're the only one who's got it, and we desperately need it." -Jed Brewer

I wanted to take this Friday post to remind you that YOU are special.  You are loved, and you are cherished.  You were made in the image of our Creator.  I know sometimes all of this is hard to remember, but try not to forget it.  You have purpose, and God has a greater plan for your life than you could possibly imagine.

Think about this...God created your inmost being.  He knew you before He formed you in the womb.  He loves you with a love that is inconceivable, unfathomable and unending.  That in itself should tell you that you are special, unique and important to this world.

I want you to do something for me and for yourself.  Every morning when you wake up, I want you to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror.  I want you to repeat these words to yourself.

YOU is kind.

YOU is smart.

YOU is important.

and then throw in the phrase

YOU is beautiful.

(special thanks to the movie, The Help)

Lets review...look yourself in the eyes in your mirror and tell yourself that you are kind, smart, important, and beautiful EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I promise that your entire opinion of yourself and your attitude towards life will begin to change before your eyes.  You are a princess because our father is the King of Kings.  Treat yourself that way.

Self love is so important, but it's not always easy.  TRUST ME!  I can be the queen of degrading myself and avoiding the mirror.  You must love yourself and nurture the relationship you have with yourself before you can ever fully and truly love anyone else.

Start today!  Treat yourself with kindness and positivity, and never forget that YOU are loved by a King whose love is unfailing.  There is no one else like you.

Have a wonderful weekend, hippies!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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