July 18, 2012

You May Call Me "Birthday Girl"

As my parents would say, the birthday festival week has begun!  Well...tomorrow it begins.  Birthdays in  my family have always been a big deal.  A week long celebration of childhood memories, family, and friends is how the festival goes.
5 year old birthday party.  That's me in the back holding up the bag.
Tomorrow, my parents are coming in town for dinner.  I'm super excited!  It's always a good time with those two.  Then, Friday night, my beau, my friends, and I are going to a local pub/bar/restaurant called The Keg & Barrel.  It's really laid back and quaint with lots of neat beers and delicious food.  I'm most excited about this because all my friends will be in one place.  This summer has been so busy for everyone that we've not been able to get everyone together at once, so I'm pumped to see everyone.  Saturday night, Nick and I have tickets for The Dark Knight Rises.  Enough said.

Back to birthdays, though.  Although I'm excited about my own birthday, even more so, I love making birthdays special for others.  There's something to be said about growing older.  It's a privilege denied to many.  Although I'm not totally happy about turning 22, the alternative to growing another year older is death.  I'm even less fond of that option.  That being said, I'm very blessed to see another year, and I pray that I see many many more.  Hey! Remember that with age comes the ultimate goal of being wise! Right?

Me at 5 months
22 years
So here's to 22 fabulous years!

On a different note, I'm working on a new project that I hope to be able to share with y'all very soon! Keep you fingers crossed and say a little prayer.  Please & Thank You!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli
aka The Birthday Girl

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