July 6, 2012

A little inspiration...

I strive daily to keep my self motivated and inspired.  Motivated and inspired to what, you ask?  Most times I don't even know.  I find that good quotes are one of the things that inspire and motivate me the most.  When life gets crazy and I lose sight of who I am, what I love, or where I want to be, these little words bring me back down to earth.  So before you begin your weekend, take a look at these pins from Pinterest that I love to look over every time I'm needing a little motivating kick in the tush.

This is my all time favorite quote.  It's such  good reminder.

Enjoy your weekend, hippies! I'm headed to good ole Brandon to visit with my parents before they head out of the country and to meet one of my oldest friend's new baby!  Welcome to the world Miss Viva Ray Malone!  There are so many people who love you and are praying for your sweet, little Godly life!  You have the best parents in the world!  Congratulations to Allie and Trey!

Bee's Knees Photography
Jackson, MS

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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