July 4, 2012

Freedom Isn't Free

Today is America's birthday!  You probably already knew that.  I know I've already posted about 4th of July, but this post is a little deeper than that.

I want to use this post, today, to ask you to take a second out of your day and think about those who have fought and are fighting for this country that we love and call home.  Not only think about the men and women protecting us, but think about their families and friends as well. The sacrifices they are making are immeasurable.  Some have even made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their life.  I can't even begin to imagine.

Most of us are lucky enough to have the ones we love near by and out of harm's way.  While I'm extremely thankful for this fact, it is also the reason why I take the freedom I enjoy for granted more times than not. 

What does it mean to be free?  Webster defines freedom as exemption from external control, interference, or regulation.  This is so true, but it really and truly means so much more.  Freedom is the difference between being able to walk freely in public wearing, doing, and saying whatever I please and having to cover my head and face whenever I leave my house.  Freedom is being able to worship my Lord and Savior freely without interference from anyone or anything.  Freedom is what is important.  It is the basis of who we are as Americans and link that ties us all together.  In times like these, when our country is so segregated by political parties and many other things, it's important to get back to our roots and remember the things we have in common.

So today, as we celebrate America's independence, lets remember to think about, pray for, and thank those that are keeping us safe and free.  Lets also remember who we are.  We are all Americans.  We are all free, and we should all be thankful today.  Now go shoot some fireworks, wave a flag and sing The Star Spangled Banner!!  God bless you, our troops, and America!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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