February 11, 2014

No More Thigh Gaps

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, let me introduce you to my latest fashion/model/girl crush obsession, Robyn Lawley.

Robyn is considered a "plus size" model.  Crazy, right?  She's absolutely GORGE and flawless and there is nothing PLUS size about her.  She is an Australian born 24 year old model who has dedicated her life to combating the negative, unrealistic body image that the fashion industry impresses on the minds of women today.  She was the first "plus size" model to grace the cover of Italian Vogue and Australian Vogue.  She loves food, and she has designed her own line of swimwear for the normal sized woman.  (and I want every piece from the collection)

Y'all, this girl is revolutionizing the fashion industry.  Robyn is the face of Ralph Lauren and their first plus size model.  When she started modeling at age 16, she battled the brink of eating disorders.  At 6'2" everyone told her she should model, and she was a natural.  However, as she mentions in many interviews, her body was just not meant to be sickly skinny like the high fashion models we're seeing on the catwalks today.

I love this girl.  Not only because she's obviously beautiful inside and out, but for the way she makes me feel about myself.  My whole life, I have battled body image and disordered eating.  Learning more about her and her journey has helped me truly appreciate and love my body.  Every woman should love her body NO MATTER her size.  Our bodies do so much for us every single day.  It is perfectly ok for women of all shapes and sizes to love themselves.  Because I come to love my body, I take better care of it.  I eat healthy and exercise daily because it makes me feel good and nourishes the body I love.

Women have got to abandon the negative body images.  We need to come together to encourage one another and build other women up.  I absolutely LOVE other women who love and support other women.  We are all special, unique, and beautiful.  We are made in Christ's image.  By banding together, we can change the media images we see.  By demanding we see NORMAL women, it can change the whole body image culture that has been cultivated over the past few decades.

Check out the interview Robyn did with Ellen Degeneres below.  It's so refreshing, and I truly love both of these women and everything they each stand for.

One more thing on this subject:

Have you heard about Aerie's new #AerieReal campaign?  “Get Real. Think Real. No Supermodels. No Retouching. The real you is sexy.”  I love it and will definitely be supporting this brand more!

All of this to say, just love yourself and take care of yourself.  There's nothing wrong with being curvy and there's nothing wrong with being skinny. As long as your are healthy and taking good care of yourself, every shape and size is PERFECT.

"And God made man in His own likeness. In the likeness of God He made him. He made both male and female."-Genesis 1:27

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