August 29, 2013

Wardrobe Staple

It's probably  not a secret that my favorite look of all time is a band t-shirt made cute.  It's pretty much my uniform.  I love them in every shape and form.  My favorite brand is Chaser, and I've spent way to much money over the years because I have to have ALL of their shirts.  I also, however, love sifting through racks at the thrift store trying to find them.  Usually, I get pretty lucky doing this.  Those are the shirts I usually end up cutting up and making them into tanks.

Check out some of my favorite ways to wear my wardrobe staple.

There are really only two rules for me and picking out the best band t-shirts.  The band MUST rock, and the shirt has to be soft.

There ya have it, ladies and gents.  My go to look for every day, night, bed time. (I wish I was joking...)

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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