June 25, 2013

Family Vacation Recap

Oh how I despise the real world.  I'm still not acclimated to it again, so forgive me for the lazy post.  Here are some snaps from my relaxing week in Ft. Morgan, Alabama.

Caught my parents being ridiculously cute.

Sissy :)

The really tan man and the girl in the bright green/yellow bottoms is the beau and me.

Super Moon

Real life just doesn't compare...

Hopefully I'll be back on a beach somewhere in a few short weeks.  Until then, it's work, school, and you guys.  I'm so very thankful for this blog community that allows me to constantly create and inspire.  Love y'all to the big super moon and back!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


  1. LOVE Ft. Morgan! So much less crowded than Gulf Shores but just as beautiful!

    1. It really is! I'm partial to Seaside, Florida, but Ft. Morgan was a great second choice. The water was perfectly blue, surprisingly! Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo-Chelsea Eli


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