May 6, 2013

Guess Who's Back!

It's me! I'm back! With some awesome news to share with my beautiful hippies that I've been missing so much!  Are you ready for it?

I've been hired to blog for my FAVORITE boutique in town, Irie!  I actually used to work there before I took the whole, "grad student" gig, and I'm so happy to be part of the team again.  The blog will accompany the launch of their brand new, shoppable website that I promise you'll want to buy everything from.

Irie has something for everyone.  It's the only boutique I've seen that literally has clothes, shoes, and accessories for every age woman.  Everything Irie carries is high quality, and their main goal is to make you happy.  Ironically, that's exactly what Irie means, "the ultimate state of happiness."

 I'll be sharing blog posts and the website launch with y'all very soon, so stay tuned!

If you just can't wait to shop at Irie (and I know you can't), visit them in Hattiesburg in Turtle Creek Crossing right in front of Kohl's or visit their Facebook page.  You can call and order anything, and they ship at a $5 flat rate.  Can't beat that!

Have a fabulous week!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


  1. Blogging for a boutique? That's a dream job!

    1. It is!! I'm so excited! Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo-Chelsea Eli


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