November 19, 2012

Weekend Report

Hey y'all! I hope this weekend report finds you well.  I had the most incredible Sunday.  My sweet beau, Nick, that y'all have read about so many times made the decision to spend his live with Christ.  He was baptized yesterday at First Baptist Church Hattiesburg.  My family and his family both came to support him.  One of the best parts, and most touching, was his fraternity also came to support him.  As a surprise, I messaged some of his closest friends and asked them to be there to support him, but I was so touched to see almost the entire fraternity walk in the sanctuary yesterday morning.

In true Nicholas fashion, he joked with the man baptizing him and almost fell out of the baptistry.  We all giggled, and of course, my eyes were full of happy tears as I watched him accept a new life with Christ.  Words cannot express how proud I am of him or how honored I am to share in his journey.  He will never be the same.

This photograph was taken at a restaurant after Nick's baptism, yesterday.

So, today, as I was reading my long list of other blogs that I follow, I stumbled up a new online magazine.  It is called Darling, and it is all about promoting femininity and positivity among women.  Take a look at there mission statement:

How amazing is that?

They have some really great articles.  I suggest you check it out!

Check all of the different personas too!  I'm 100% a dreamer.  What are you?

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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