June 27, 2012


The 4th of July is rapidly approaching, and I'm excited.  This star spangled holiday has always been one of my favorites.  It's full of fun, food, fireworks, family, and friends!  Since my roommate and I are having a 4th of July/house warming party, I thought I'd share some of the best decorating, food, and drink ideas as well as some fashion inspiration for this patriotic day.  Here we go!

to spice up the already delicious burgers and hot dogs on the grill...

How easy and creative?  Click here for directions!

For those of us 21 and over, go here for lots of delicious drink recipes!

Throw this on the grill with those burgers and hot dogs, and you will not regret it.  Grilled corn is so delicious, and here is a simple how to.

How cute are this chocolate covered strawberries?


I'm in love with these cute little cans I found on Pinterest!

This decor looks so simple and easy.  Mason jars are so popular right now, too.  Stick some sand in them and add a dash of red, white and blue, and you have simple, chic, and inexpensive Independence Day decorations!

How perfect would these be hanging in the trees outside at a 4th of July party?  Here's a super easy tutorial on how to make these patriotic, tin can windsocks!

Love this cute and classy wreath, and it's super inexpensive to make!  Go to the simple tutorial here!

I don't really know if these is considered a decoration, but I just love sparklers!

Fashion Inspiration

In honor of the 2012 Olympics that are also rapidly approaching, here are two pictures that I just had to had to this post!

Go USA!!!

This one is just too funny!

So there ya have it! I'm so ready to celebrate the country I love with the people I love!  Lets all remember the reason why we celebrate the 4th of July, and remember to thank those who fight to keep us free.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! 

God Bless America!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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