June 26, 2012

Mississippi Made

I've come to the conclusion that all good things come from Mississippi.  Ok...so maybe not ALL good things, but certainly a lot.  I've compiled a list of some of my favorites, and I'm sure I will forget a few.  Here we go!

Barq's Rootbeer

Bottled in Mississippi's own coastal city, Biloxi, Barq's root beer is the perfect summertime drink.  It's best in a cold, glass bottle, but cans are fine too.  Grab one soon.  It will bring back sweet memories of childhood for all you southerners, I promise!

Peavey Electronics
If you've ever been to a concert of any kind, I can almost guarantee you that every electronic item will be a Peavey product.  Peavey is legendary, and it was started and is manufactured in Meridian.  The music industry would definitely suffer without Peavey.

Aspen Bay Candles

Ok ladies.  You know that crazy wonderful, intoxicating smell that engulfs you every time you walk into Anthropolgie?  It's an Aspen Bay Candle.  They're hand poured in Starkville, MS, and it's the most amazing candle you'll ever own.  I'm slightly obsessed.

The Teddy Bear

He's the old friend you'll always love.  He's a Teddy Bear!  It was created as a result of President Theodore Roosevelt's refusal to shoot a captured bear on a hunting trip in Sharkey County in 1902.  Isn't that cool?  Makes ya look at ole Ted a little differently, doesn't it?  And for all you Kappa Deltas, AOT!

Sweet Potato Queens

If you have never been to the St. Patrick's Day parade is downtown Jackson, you're REALLY missing out.  It's so much fun and absolutely hilarious.  It's also the third largest parade in the country!  The parade is full of these sweet potato queens (there's a book that explains) and fun for all.

Wonderful Authors, Musicians, and Artists

Walter Anderson
Jimmy Buffet
William Faulkner
John Grisham
Faith Hill
Jim Henson
B.B. King
Archie Manning
(not an author, musician, or artist, but I love him!)
Willie Morris
Elvis Presley
Leontyne Price
Leann Rimes
Eudora Welty
Tennessee Williams
sooo many more...and I didn't even mention the countless athletes!

What are some of your favorite Mississippi made people or products??

xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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